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Psychic Tips
Connect with Your Psychic Abilities

Distinguishing Psychic Insight

The biggest challenge in receiving psychic insight is distinguishing it from other elements of your consciousness - such as thoughts, emotions, fears, and imagination.

Psychic Insight vs. Mental Thoughts

Distinguish between your mental thought process and psychic insight.

We often mistake a mental thought for an actual psychic insight. To help you tell these two kinds of things apart, remember that psychic insight usually feels like a "leap" - and is not part of a logical, "thinking it through" process. A psychic insight usually feels like a vague feeling, occasionally accompanied by a physical sensation in the area of your heart or stomach.

Mental thoughts are important, too - so don't discount them. The idea is to consider everything in your consciousness, and practice so that you can learn to distinguish among the different elements in your consciousness.

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