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How Psychic Are You?
Tips and Tests

Verifying Psychic Information within Yourself

When you receive an insight on a particular topic, write it down (perhaps in a journal) and let it sit for a while. Then a few hours to a few days later, come back to it and see how it seems to you when you read it again. Does it still resonate with you? Do you still feel that quiet sense of unexplained knowing?

Verifying Psychic Information Over Time

Psychic answers that are true usually do not change over time (unless you're asking about a situation that IS changing over time). However, mental thoughts about a question can change a lot - for instance, as your state of mind changes or as you gain new rational information from outside sources. If the answer is changing over time, you're probably not getting the answers through psychic abilities, but from your logical mind instead.

Psychic Tests

There are many types of psychic abilities (clairvoyance, premonition, etc.), and tests can differ for each. You can try out the psychic tests on this site, or search for a particular type of psychic ability test below:

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