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Psychic Tips
Connect with Your Psychic Abilities

Psychic Insight vs. Emotions

Distinguish between your emotions and psychic insight.

Another common occurence is mistaking a subconscious fear for a psychic insight. If you're experiencing a feeling of dread or impending doom, you're probably not tapping into psychic insight.

Also, if the information you're getting is extreme or seems too strange or unlikely to be true, it probably isn't. Much of the time, Psychic information, is actually not very dramatic - it comes from a still, quiet place inside. Because of this, it's tempting to "buy into" your own emotional scenarios because they seem more exciting, and you wonder "what if this is true?!?". Don't fall for it.

Psychic Insight vs. Imagination

Distinguish between your imagination and psychic insight.

This is the most challenging area because real psychic insights often feel like they are coming from your imagination. Both can feel like a "leap" (not part of rational thought), and both can seem very realistic. So how CAN you tell the difference? Practice, practice, practice - and test your psychic insights by verifying them.

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