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Psychic Tips
Connect with Your Psychic Abilities

Don't Overthink It

Resist the temptation to figure out whether a particular thought came from your mind, emotions, imagination, etc. Overanalyzing or or beingoverly concerned about whether a particular thought is psychic will quickly take you out of psychic mode and into mental mode.

If you're not sure about a particular insight, try coming back to the topic again later and see what comes forward within you. Intuition usually stays the same, while thoughts/emotions/imagination often change over time.

Set Your Intention for Psychic Insight

Create within your consciousness the idea that you want to connect with your psychic insight and with spiritual guidance. To do this, you might create an affirmation or prayer that you say every morning when you wake up and/or throughout the day. You might say something like: "I intend to be open to clear, Divine guidance that is for the Highest Good of all concerned" or "Divine Spirit, I open to the insights that would be most helpful to me in each moment." Then when you have a specific question you want insight about, say a prayer to connect with Spirit before you begin the conscious process of opening to your psychic insight.

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