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What is a Soulmate, Really?

Most people think of a soulmate as the "one and only" person they are meant to be with as a romantic partner for the rest of their lives. However, there are actually many kinds of soulmates - some romantic, some not. Here, we will talk about all kinds of soulmates - not limited to romantic soulmates.

The Meaning of Soulmates

A helpful way to define soulmates is two souls who are brought together for some higher purpose, in a meaningful - and often lasting - way. Soulmates can be friends, family members, or romantic interests.

In fact, most of us have quite a few soulmates in the world - some are romantic soulmates, and some are not. Most of us have felt an "instant connection" with a person, or a feeling that this person is going to be important in our lives.

Why Do Soulmates Show Up?

Soulmates come into your life for a specific purpose or set of purposes. Often the purpose is to allow for certain experiences that will benefit one or both soulmates. This includes experiences with the soulmate (interactions with the soulmate) and because of the soulmate (processes that happen within you because that soulmate is in your life).

Examples are experiences that result in in certain joys, lessons, feelings, self-awarenesses, decisions within yourself, or learning what it feels like to be loved, cared about, respected, or supported.

For instance, a soulmate might show up as a friend to teach you to learn to trust, or to help you learn how to accept yourself more fully. A soulmate might show up as a parent to encourage you and help you become a stronger and wiser person.

The Magic of Soulmates

When soulmates are brought together, there is a wonderful magic where each soulmate is uniquely able to give what is most needed by the other, and each to receive what they need most from the other. Sometimes what we need most is support and encouragement. Sometimes what we need is to be challenged so that we can learn and grow.

Soulmates contribute to our life process, usually in deeply meaningful and irreversible ways. Soulmates often provide triggers that cause each other to think, feel, and change in certain directions. During our lifetime, soulmates of all kinds are often the catalysts for our most important personal growth, inner peace, and happiness.



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