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Direction Setting
Charting a Clear Course for Your Life

Thinking of choosing your direction by throwing darts at a dartboard? Getting clear on your direction can be frustrating, especially if you can't see the signposts and/or you don't know where you are now.

Here are some steps to help you get your bearings:

1. Start with where you've come from

Consider all that brought you to this point in your life, all that has built up perfectly to take you into your ideal next place in your life. Make a list of key experiences, lessons, and skills that you can use, especially ones that you enjoy and are still meaningful to you now.

2. Consider what makes you happy now

Write down the activities and topics that you're enthusiastic about, that bring you joy, and make time pass quickly when you're involved with them. These may be different things than in the past, and some of these things may be just vague ideas or things you think you would like but you haven't tried yet. Write them ALL down, and no judging our doubting allowed.

3. Look for Matching Clues

Look for merging points in the two lists you just made, places where there are similarities or overlaps. You may need to be creative in finding links, such as if you had a skill of typing and you really enjoy looking at beautiful magazines, you might consider work where you are creating articles and/or website designs.

4. Exercise Your Options

For each direction possibility that resonates with you, consider what it would be like. Do this for EVERY possibility that resonates with you even a little, because that little bit that resonates might resonate a lot with just a little tweaking of that direction idea. For each direction, envision yourself following that path: How would it feel? How would you experience and perceive doing that? What would you enjoy and not enjoy? Ask your intuition, "If not like this, then what would be better?"

This process may take a while, and you'll probably do best to give your direction decision its own time to "mature." You can even go back to earlier steps as more ideas and clues arise. You may find that once you've started asking questions about your future direction, your intuition and the universe will start sending you more clues as you go.


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